Solar Energy= Using The Power Of The Sun

When asked about alternative or renewable energy, most people would automatically think of solar energy.

Generating electricity from the sun is a renewable technology that the majority of people know well. Whether it is simply your pocket calculator, your home, or in your workshop, regardless of your power needs, solar energy can get the job done.

Solar Energy has several unique advantages over standard grid-based electricity. Solar electric systems can be designed for a variety of applications and are extremely useful in remote areas where grid based electricity does not exist. They could prove to be very beneficial in third world or developing countries, helping to bring electricity and all its associated benefits to the wider population Also photovoltaic panels that generate solar power, have no moving parts, therefore minimal maintenance is required, and the smaller units are totally portable, which is another huge advantage in off-grid locations.

Eco-friendliness is a major selling point for converting to solar energy. Its fuel is a free renewable resource, namely the sun. Solar Energy offers a total pollution free source of energy, unlike fossil fuelled electricity, that emits greenhouse gases. Another attractive factor for many who choose solar electricity over grid based power is simply the feeling of total freedom. Freedom from the power company, freedom from power cuts and blackouts and total freedom from their ever rising prices.

The most difficult part of converting to solar energy is the initial set up cost of the system. Solar Power, is not a cheap quick fix. It should be viewed as a long term investment. A professionally installed retail system for an average dwelling should pay for itself in 5/7 years. Costs can be greatly reduced by either, building your own or purchasing a used solar panel system.

A Do it yourself system is much easier than you think with excellent guides and videos available now, so even a novice Do it yourselfer can install their own Solar Panels. Also increasingly now, Governments are introducing grants for installing solar energy, and it is also possible, that you may be able to sell your unused solar electricity back to the power company. In these cases, payback on your initial investment would be much quicker.

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